Welcome to my website. It is my intent for you to learn a little bit about me and the book I've written. And, hopefully, you will discover the charm and culture of the small southern town of Abington, Georgia, where my stories take place.

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A Story of Deadly Intent

 Many say that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs of all. And, when you're weighed down with guilt about the death of two of your children, the remaining child often suffers. That's what happened to Teddy Williams in Renee Propes' emotional new suspense novel, duplicity - A Story of Deadly Intent, which is set in the fictitious southern town of Abington, Georgia. But, when Teddy went off to college in pursuit of a medical degree, he was liberated from the chains of his father, and his world began to change. He met the woman who would become his wife. Nancy Leigh Griffin was a beautiful blonde, and she was like an intoxicating drug. However, how could he have known at that tender young age that she would be capable of wrecking his life? 

duplicity - A Story of Deadly Intent is truly a Southern Literary Suspense (Crime) novel. However, please don't let the warm and fuzzy southern town-folk fool you, there's real life stuff in this book! This is a story about the complex relationships each of us encounter as we go about living our lives. Many of which are rewarding, but a few are just downright toxic. But remember: In the end, It's All About Grace!

Well, grab yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, or if you're lucky enough to be at the beach, sit back and relax in your favorite lounge chair, and let's go on this journey together! 

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